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I Need Help!

c.cowan started this conversation


     I really need you this time...I am on the verge of having a break down. I found a part time job for a while, and although I was still struggling, we were okay. Recently, I lost my job because my youngest son had gotten sick,and I missed too many days. when I went back to work, it was like I was the target of the day on a regular basis, so eventually I got fired. I am really in need of help. I have a small one bedroom apartment, that I made into two, by use of the dining room. I am backed up in bills, and everything is going wrong. I really need some financial help, anything will do. Please Aidpage, help me out this time!

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Why don't you try some online classes to further your education. Apply for loans and keep the studies up. Please include God in your plalns and hang in ther, things will get better.

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